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New Limits on Product Liability Lawsuits Against Generic Drugs?

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New Jersey residents rely upon prescription drugs for all sorts of reasons. Prescription medications are important parts of many residents' lives, and are used for a multitude of reasons, including allergies, birth control, pain management and depression. While there certainly are benefits of prescription drugs, science is not always precise and over time, certain drugs can cause side effects and problems for consumers.

Product Liability Settlement May Open Doors for Injured Patients

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Every year, a number of New Jersey residents are injured or from using defective products. The law protecting those injured by dangerous products is referred to as product liability law. While there are many parallels, product liability law is different from ordinary personal injury law, in that it is may be easier for injured parties to collect damages as part of a class action. Pharmaceutical products are frequently the subject of product liability lawsuits, so the following may be of interest to readers.

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