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Obtaining Adequate Compensation After a New Jersey Car Accident

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According to statistics released by the New Jersey Department of Transportation, 3,975 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents in Passaic County, New Jersey in 2013. During the same year, more than 60,000 people were injured state-wide. The number of fatalities in Passaic County in 2013 was 27 and state-wide more than 500. These figures clearly show that the extent of damages caused by motor vehicle accidents is fairly significant.

Get Back Injury Compensation with a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

New Jersey Spinal Cord Personal Injury Attorney

Even small accidents can cause bad back injuries. Whether you have been in a major car wreck, or you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident, make sure you get the medical treatment you need. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you through the recovery process and make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Bike Accident Overview From a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

Much like pedestrians, bicyclists are at a serious disadvantage in a car collision. Bicyclists, while typically wearing helmets, lack any sort of protection against broken bones, severe lacerations, neck injuries or other catastrophic injuries. It is important to contact a skilled personal injury attorney to learn more about your options for monetary recovery.

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers Brain Injury Claims

All injuries impact people differently, but all traumatic brain injuries impact people for the rest of their lives. The brain is essential to all of our thoughts, feelings, memories and motor function. An injury to the brain can have a serious impact on these abilities, and this type of injury requires expert care and treatment as early as possible after the accident.

Pain and Suffering Burn Injury Claims in New Jersey

Pain and Suffering Compensation for Severe Burns and Disfigurement

If a family member suffered third-degree burns, the recovery will be long and painful, and there may be permanent scarring and disabilities from the accident. He or she will have many ongoing needs, from surgeries to counseling, and all of that care is very expensive.

Get Help for Catastrophic Injuries From a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

After you or a family member has suffered a catastrophic injury, life will never be the same. You are coming to grips with that reality — and perhaps wondering how you will survive financially in addition to dealing with all of the emotional and practical implications of living with a disability. The day you set out on a road trip or went to work at a construction site or encountered a suddenly-vicious dog unexpectedly, you never expected to have your life turned upside down so abruptly.

Where to Turn When You Suffer Harm from a New Jersey Construction Accident?

After being harmed in a construction accident, an injured person and his or her family may not know where to turn. Who is responsible to pay for medical care? If there was negligence, can punitive damages be obtained through a legal claim or lawsuit?

Talk to New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys Today About Fatal Bicycle Accident Claims

Due to the lack of safety equipment and overall protection, injuries suffered while riding a bicycle are often severe. It is not uncommon for injuries to the head, neck and spinal cord to result in fatality. If you have lost a loved one due to fatal injuries suffered during an accident, you should seek the counsel of an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Ask a Personal Injury Attorney: Avoid Social Media During a Case

As all personal injury attorneys will tell you, it's important to be careful about posting information on social media when involved in personal injury lawsuits or any litigation.

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